Working Together


Work Experience & Employability

Running a workshop at Eric Festival to help young people write CV and put together an elevator pitch to feel confident speaking to potential employers and /or looking for freelance work.


Anti-Discrimination through an intersectional lense

Workshop at Shout Out UK Political Conference teaching young people about critical thinking, unconscious bias and D&I


Intersectionality Training

WEP Stock 2021 what is intersectionality? how do I get to grips with new social constructs. Does this defer away from any other movements for equality/equity

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Sexual Health and Body Confidence

Working with Women's groups in south council to offer information and access to wellbeing & sexual health services.

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Feminism Conference

Running consecutive workshops in 2018-2019 on topi of intersectionality and Campaigning. Looking at how to be an activist, using voice and ways to amplify movements for change.


Anti -Discrimination

How to be an anti-discrimination activist ? When picking your fights looking at how to be an ally of movements and a leader of social reform.